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Committed to empowering individuals and improving lives by developing a non-invasive brain computer interface.




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Developed in-house by Synaptrix Labs, Neuralis is an innovative assistive technology engineered to restore mobility and independence for individuals grappling with severe neuromuscular conditions. Our cutting-edge device operates through a discreet and non-invasive EEG headset, comprising strategically placed dry sensors on the occipital lobe, precisely targeting the visual cortex region.

Powerful cloud compute architecture ensures a swift and near-instantaneous translation of the user’s movement intentions into seamless wheelchair maneuverability. A fusion of advanced neurotechnology and user-centric design positions Neuralis as a significant leap forward in assistive devices, bridging the gap between usability and high-performance functionality for individuals with severe neuromuscular conditions.

* In development

Saffron - 1

Synaptrix Accessibility Framework For Rehabilitation & Occupational Neurotechnology

Saffron-1 is the most capable AI model for EEG signal detection, de-noising, and feature extraction ever developed. Our proprietary pipeline optimizes brainwave data extraction and analysis and serves as an open and adaptable backend for any brain-computer interface application. We're thrilled to bring Saffron-1 to Neuralis.

Broad Integration Possibilities with Saffron-1

Our framework is expandable beyond our own integrations. Our Software Developer Kits (SDKs) and APIs can allow 3rd parties to power their devices and research with Saffron-1

Wheelchair & Prosthetic Control

Robust spacial and machine de-noising allows for effortless and intuitive prosthetic control

Music Therapy & Alterness Monitoring

Reliable tracking of alpha and theta bands over any period of time


Create precise and accurate actionable insights from consumer data through unmatched data resolution and clarity

Enhanced Security

Full end-to-end encryption on all brain data from the lab to the patient to the cloud

Get to Know Us

Synaptrix Labs and our technologies is built by experts in neuroscience, machine learning & artificial intelligence, biomedical engineering, industrial design, and robotics, and is backed by world renowned advisors and Nobel laureates.

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